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28.Jan.14 8 months ago
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the day is january 1st, 3009. a group of humans listen to boom boom pow. when fergie says that she is so 3008 they all stand shocked and realise. fergie is now behind the times. fergie herself has become 2000 and late. this is unbelievable news to the humans. hours later the planet descends into war and chaos.

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05.Jan.14 9 months ago


the saddest thing ive learned so far is that just because it looks good on alexa chung doesn’t mean it will look good on you

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24.Dec.13 10 months ago
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everyone’s making their blogs all snowy and stuff for christmas while here in australia christmas is literally this


it was 36 degrees today and i saw an ad on tv with about 20 santas surfing and waving a christmas ham around in the air

that is literally a representation of an australian christmas

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03.Dec.13 10 months ago